Angel Stories

Justin Corona

I've never been a travel nurse before but decided to work with Angel Staffing on their Covid 19 Crisis Response position. I didn't know what to expect and was a little scared because this was not a conventional travel nurse assignment. But it was one of the best experiences I've had as a nurse. Everything was fast. Me and my travel group got assigned and we responded within 48 hours. Me and my group were even placed in the same city. We worked 60+ hours every week and would get burnt out at times. We all managed to find one day off every month to hang out and get a refresher for the upcoming shifts. We have a Facebook group for all employees where information gets announced which I found to be very useful. It was also used as testimonial and support from other Angels and words of encouragement from our CEO and CNO. Also very worth mentioning that because of our hard work and dedication to the hospitals, our CEO even arranged multiple concerts for all Angel Staffing employees and their friends and family. I've never heard of a travel agency that has ever done that! This has got to be one of the best agencies that anyone can work for. If you do get hired for a Crisis position or even a regular travel position, it will be the best experience you'll get with the best team to support you.

McAllen, TX

Brianne Brown-Peters

Angel staffing is an amazing company and takes care of it’s employees. While working for the company they showed astonishing dedication to the staffing and the COVID-19 causes. I had the pleasure of working with Angel for nine (9) months in Houston, Texas. While employed with the company working as a crisis nurse to which the company allowed me to pursue my dreams of completing my nurse practitioner degree. Also, during my employment, the company demonstrated genuine concern for the employee that allowed us to have a safe and healthy work environment. In all honesty, I must say that they were one of the most professional organizations that I had the pleasure of working for and I do appreciate having the opportunity tohave worked for Angel Staffing. If given the opportunity to work for the company again, I would absolutely do it again. If I had to rate the company myself, I would definitely give them a five-star rating. Again, thanks for the opportunity and pleasure of working for you

Austin, TX

Ashley Nelson

Working for Angel Staffing has been one of the greatest experiences in my career. You can see the huge impact we make on patient’s lives on a daily basis and the entire company feels like a second family. The support system here is unparalleled.

Los Angeles, CA

Daniel Pruden

My time as an Angel has been nothing short of amazing! Shannon, Kathy and their team are always there when you need them! Always willing to help guide you and make sure you’re treated as an individual and not just a number. Working as a crisis Respiratory Therapist has been both challenging and rewarding. Knowing that a fellow Angel always has your back really makes it feel like you’re part of a family. I wouldn’t trade my time with Angel Staffing for anything! Once an Angel, always an Angel!

Dallas, TX

Carlissa Stratford

I came to Angel Staffing in Nov. 2020 to work disaster nursing for Covid relief, after working afew months at another disaster staffing company and I was truly blessed to have this opportunity. I was able to work my assignment and have my family with me, which made us decide to relocate to San Antonio after our entire lives in NY! Anytime I needed anything or reached out to a member of the Angel team, I always received a reply, in a timely manner! The staff at Angel really care and SUPPORT their nurses and healthcare staff and are fierce patient advocates and only want the best healthcare providers for their clients! Angel Staffing will ALWAYS be my #1 go to agency for my nursing jobs!

Brooklyn, NY

Jennifer Andrews

Angel Staffing Inc. has renewed my faith in healthcare employers. In an industry that is quickly imploding, Angel stands a head above the rest because of the genuine care and compassion they have for their employees. Out of 150 facilities staffed and 15,000 employees Shannon (CEO) and Kathy (COO) knew who I was and communicated with me when I reached out to them. They championed for me and the rest of their staff in high-anxiety, difficult, and ever-changing situations. Angel has grown leaps and bounds this past year and I can’t wait to see how they continue to grow! Thank you for letting me be a part of the Angel family.

Granbury, TX

Angel Honors

Michael Walton

Michael went out of his way to take care of our son/father in ICU. When we had questions he was always willing to answer them for us, even when he wasn't the nurse assigned. He gave us ease when we had to leave to go home for the night just knowing he was there. He was patient and took the time to help us understand what was going on. Michael used scenarios and wording that was easy for us to understand. He treated our familv member just like one of his own family members, it was truly a blessing.

March 10, 2023